My Skill of Fabric

The computer consists of horizontally constant physique, equipment box, tailstock and trolley. Universal lathes are suitable for a huge variety of duties, however they don’t seem to be fiscal machines for creation. These machines are powered through an electric motor located underneath the machine by means of a plurality of V-belts. The principal ingredients of the common lathe are; – Spindle box – Spindle – apparatus field – Counter tailstock – Overhead tailstock – auto (lock box) – body and bearings – important shaft – Chip shaft
Lathe workpiece attachment apparatus; – Three-leg replicate – 4-leg mirror – desk and perforated replicate


  • outside cylindrical turning; a) external cylindrical turning within the chuck; short parts are related to the chuck on one facet and became. B) external cylindrical handing over chuck-tailstock; compatible for machining long pieces.