someday I stayed again to myself. with questions. I don’t understand why it was so. Now I’m sitting at home again I don’t know what to do. I can think of the things he said. He was talking about making small things a very big problem for myself. I need to learn that I shouldn’t have problems with small things. but how. I ask myself that. I am always looking. I find myself there when I call. next to him. Sounds good to me but I don’t know if I’m good to her. how good I am. Yes there are things I’m afraid of. I’m afraid to live in them.

but I can’t do anything. I’m just living. Now I can’t do anything. why because my mind my heart is always there. I’m in if he has. or I’m gone. I don’t know. strange situation. I’m not me. I’m hardworking. I am an ordinary person. I can’t find everything but looking for myself. walking away is not a resort. 1 month away what happened. I stayed 1 month away and saw what happened to me. my life flowed very strange. I think life will be really hard on me after this hour